It's Boogie Time

It's never fun when your little one is all stuffed up and sounds so congested. They're too little to blow their own noses so what is a Mom or Dad to do? Here are some of the things I've tried that helped.  Consider yourself a professional booger remover with some of these tools. 

oogie bear.png


This works great when you can see dried up boogies inside your baby's nose and need to get them out. It's like digging for gold but your big fat fingers can't fit into their tiny little nostrils.  This is when Oogiebear comes in handy. It has a double sided loop and scoop that help in removing sticky and dried boogies. Be careful in trying to dig around too much in there as it can irritate the nasal canal even more and baby does not like being prodded for too long.  The handle itself feels rubbery/silicone-like that gives it a nice soft grip but the ends itself are a little more plasticky and hard.  The shape of it prevents  you from being able to stick it too far up the nose where it can cause damage.  So in the case where you can see obstruction from the boogies but it's buried too far deep, your out of luck from using this product until it drops further down within reach. 



Something about this product initially grossed me out but after seeing how uncomfortable my little babe was, I decided to give it a try.  Oh boy was super satisfying! I originally couldn't bare the thought of sucking out boogers. Just the thought of possibly swallowing it  initiated my gag reflexes. The best way to describe the NoseFrida is a turkey baster connected to a  rubbery hose with a suction at the end. It works really well for runny snots or if you hear nasally congestion but physically can't see them. For sticky hard to reach boogies, I just squirt a little saline up there and it makes it much easier to suck away.  Seeing how much collects in the tube is definitely satisfying in a way that you know baby's nose is clear and baby can now breath more freely.  And NO you cannot swallow the boogies. 🤣 There is a blue filter that will stop it from running into the suctioning hose but typically I found that it barely reaches it from the nose piece itself.  Once you use this, you won't go back to the nasal aspirators, better known as the blue bulb.  I just find that the blue bulbs just don't suction as well and with using the NoseFrida, you can suck out them boogers that were harder to reach because the suction is much more efficient.