Leacho Snoogle Total Body Pillow

This was my choice when I decided to buy a pregnancy pillow early on. I couldn't decide if I wanted to go with the Snoogle Mini Compact or regular size since I'm fairly petite at 5'0". I'm glad I went with the regular sized, although it does require some maneuvering to hug my small body.  It works well when sleeping on one side where it can hug your back and give you a comforting feeling. When flipping over to the other side, I found it rather large to toss over in the middle of the night so I left it as is and used it mainly to help with the pressure between my legs. Then again, we had a full sized bed and it took up more space, but once we got our king in the new house, there was plenty of room for me, baby bump, pillow and husband. When using it as a C-shape cuddler, I had to really wrap it up around me as my torso is quite short and tuck the bottom up between my legs.  The pillow case takes some work to remove and put back on when washing and started pilling over the months which started to irritate my dry itchy skin a little more than expected. Overall, I'm happy with my choice and found it to be a good investment.