Baby Shower Ideas

Baby showers are always such a fun time to celebrate with family and friends before baby's arrival. Find some cute ideas and inspiration below! 


Colorful Backdrop

This backdrop is so simple that it can be made by anyone! All you need is crepe streamers and string! Toss the streamer over your string that spans the length of your wall to make this fun and festive backdrop. We chose a frog theme and went with different shades of green and blue with a banner. You can definitely change it up to match your theme!   

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 2.50.48 PM.png

Baby Bingo

Baby bingo is a fun way to keep guests involved as mother-to-be opens presents for her little one and who doesn't like to win prizes  themselves at the same time?!  I ended up creating custom bingo cards with gifts from the registry.


Building Baby's Library

Instead of a card, kindly ask guests to bring a book to help build baby's library. This card insert doubles as a bookmark where guests can leave a message for baby. They say babies can start learning vocabulary even in the womb. It's never too early to start reading to baby and continuing to do so when they arrive! 


Diaper Raffle

You can never have too many diapers! Guests have the option of bringing diapers to be entered into a raffle for a gift prize. Who doesn't like changing dirty diapers right? lol I guess no one does but having plenty on hand makes it that much easier! 

PC: Rennai Hoefer @ ten22 studio 2014

PC: Rennai Hoefer @ ten22 studio 2014

Guess Momma's belly!

How big is baby inside mommy's belly? It's fun to see how big or small family and friends think you are. They try to sneak in hugs in hopes they can measure around your tummy to get the best estimate but no cheating allowed 😉. For printable DIY downloads click here

dirty diapers.JPG

Poopy Diaper Game

There are so many different versions of this game. It's definitely a game that makes people laugh! I've hosted a game where you melt different chocolates into a diaper and had to guess which kind of chocolate bar it was. Let me tell you, it definitely resembled real poop! For my shower, we had little crafted paper diapers and when it was time to open it up, whoever had the dirty diaper 💩 had to yell out "I pooped!"