Milk Sorage Bags

After working so hard to provide for our little ones, reliable and sturdy
bags are a must when it comes to breastmilk storage.  When it comes to breastmilk, our liquid gold can't be wasted. 

"Don't cry over spilled milk - said no pumping mom ever!" - Legendairy Milk

Target up&Up 

These were my favorite go to bags after pumping fresh milk for my little one.  What had drawn them to me originally was the feel of the thickness of the bag, double zipper seal to prevent spillage, and the cost. They most likely come out with a different version subsequently which made the bag feel thinner (resembling Lasinoh bags) but still kept its sturdiness.  Coming in at only $0.07 a bag on average (100 ct box), you can't beat the price.  Target also price matches their website which I find to be significantly cheaper by at  least $2. When freezing, the bags laid flat nicely which didn't take up alot of freezer space. I've seen other moms complain that these bags leaked after being frozen and I've only have had this happen to me on two occasions.  It somehow split at the corner seam on the bottom of the bag where it leaked from once it began to thaw (although not seeing an actual tear within the bag). With someone who already had a pumping issue, an entire bag wasted was  a huge deal! Therefore, I would be cautious on using this to stock up when freezing to build up your milk supply. It's best used when stored in the fridge and used within a few days.  

*First choice for refrigeration storage.

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My first reaction when I felt these bags after using Medela originally was that it felt thin and flimsy.  Although it might've felt that way, it was quite sturdy and held up to it's job.  Like the up&up bags, this bag also offered a double zipper seal. I would recommend using these bags if you want to start building a stash pile in the freezer as these lay super flat and had caused no leakage issues for me.    I also found it much faster for breastmilk to warm up when using these bags. These bags come in at $0.09 a bag on average (100 ct box).

FYI: these bags are FSA eligible.

*First choice for freezer storage. 

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Medela was the very first storage bag I had used.  These bags had a nice sturdy thick feel, but had relatively sharp edges.  The bag can stand on its own much better than the other two due to the thickness.  With that said, these bags don't lay as flat as compared to Lansinoh or up&up but instead laid at an incline withe more milk toward the bottom.   I found that the single zip wasn't always reliable as I had to take extra precaution to make sure it was fully closed before storing it.  A plus about these bags though is the compatibility to pump directly into the bag vs bottle with the Medela pump.  I did find it cumbersome to put the attachment in and attempting to take it out without spilling any milk definitely took more effort.  At $0.15 a bag on average (100 ct   box) these were more expensive compared to Lansinoh and up&up.