Hands-free Pumping

A handsfree pumping bra comes in handy when you need just that, your hands to be free! I reviewed a few different options that I decided to try out for myself. I hope they help when determining comfort and functionality for a hands-free pumping session for you. 

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Vigoo Hands-free nursing and pumping bra w/underwire

Size 36B
What had drawn me to this bra was that it looked like it was nice enough to wear as a regular bra all day and still be able to pump hands-free when needed. The lace bra has structured padding with thick straps and band to give support.  The underwire however dug into my body throughout the day which made it uncomfortable and I felt the need to keep readjusting my bra. Inserting the flanges took a little work as you really need to stretch open the fabric front to fit it in.  When you're tight on time, fiddling with it each time wastes a few minutes.  It held the flanges in place but I didn't feel it was held tightly enough and was a little loose.  I found that it was easier place the flanges inside the bra to stick out (for those who have the separated flanges) than to insert it from the outside.  I guess it did it's job but I'm not sure if I can truly say I enjoy wearing this bra for 12+ hours.  I just couldn't wait to take it off at the end of the day. There are plenty of other hands-free pumping bras out there that should be more comfortable and functional than this one. 

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Handsfree Pump Strap

This pump strap is fast to put on and take off as you just wrap around and velcro.  This is meant to be worn only when pumping and not for all day wear.  The fabric is soft, thick, and stretchy with slight compression made of nylon and neoprene. It reminds me of those compression sleeves/braces you would wear on your elbow or knees to help with support.  The website recommends to velcro crossed in the front then turned around to be pulled up and over the breasts.  The slits fit right over the nipples and you can easily slide in the flanges to hold in place. My chest size is usually a 32 and having a smaller bust, the velcro almost didn't align correctly even though it says fits 30" to 60".  So if you're more on the petite size, it will fit just right at the connection but may not be able to adjust the tightness as the velcro won't be able to stick together.  Also, because I am small around, there is a lot of extra fabric creating this long tail after it's velcro'd.  This pump strap is appealing because of it's versatility in adjusting to any bust size and being able to control compression during pumping.  

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Freemie Cups

I bought the Freemie cup for Medela (In Style Advance)  kit.  The entire set comes with 2 collection cups in two shield sizes, valves, and tubing with connectors.   These collection cups are hidden discreetly in your bra while pumping without the extra bulkiness of a hanging bottle. The 'flanges' or shields come in two sizes,  25 and 28 which acts as the cover to the cup itself.  The collection cup is easy to assemble but it is important to position properly (tube coming out from the top at 12o'clock)  to prevent the back flow of milk into the tubing.  A plus is that they are also BPA, DEHP, and latex free.  The cup bulges out but can be easily hidden with a scarf and I like how it fits comfortably inside your bra to be held in place.  I needed to turn up the suction on my machine a little more than usual and hold in place to start but was able to continue to pump without any issues.  I found it easy to pour after I was done.  Overall, I would probably use this more often when pumping at work since it's comfortable and discreet. Although it's a more expensive alternative to a handsfree bra or strap, when you need to be discreet and pump more often at work where you're in plain view of plenty of people, this would be a lifesaver to maintain milk supply especially if it's already getting low.