Feeding is a fun time for learning and play for growing babies.  Although it may become messy at times (ok,  ALOT of the time lol ), babies can have fun discovering the different textures of food and perfect their hand coordination for self feeding.  I've reviewed some gadgets and accessories that may help with feedings and what may be useful or helpful for your mealtime needs. 


Boon squirt Spoon

When you're on the go and going out to lunch with friends, you may want to bring along some baby food for your little one. This Boon Squirt Spoon came in handy when I didn't want to pack a jar and spoon separately.  All I really had to do was squirt and feed!  It holds a good amount of food (3 oz) and super easy to fill and cleanup was a breeze.  This is super helpful since all you really need is one free hand to feed your baby especially if you have a squirmy one that wants to sit on your lap.  I would recommend this for the early stages of feeding as the consistency of food would need to be rather thin and finely pureed as anything chunkier would get stuck in the hole and cause it to clog.         


Boon Silicone Pulp Feeder

This feeder allows for easy feeding when baby bites down and forces food out of the little holes.  The feeder was easy to fill and really held up and didn't come apart when being chomped on.  It's definitely useful to introduce foods like fruits especially when baby doesn't have teeth yet to chew directly on his own. I do like the fact that it's sturdy and the silicone makes it easier to clean compared to the mesh fabric feeders.  

We didn't get much use out of this as we would have liked as my little one didn't really like using it and never really ate what was inside. Maybe it was a textural thing? We tried bananas, avocados, and mangos... all of which he refuses to eat even when it's mixed with other fruit. (although he does love guac!) He would then gag on it and spit out whatever he was able to get from the feeder. So after a few failed attempts, we packed away the feeder. 😞 I'll definitely try using this again with my next one and perhaps use it in the early stages of food introduction.     

Choomee Snack'n reusable food pouch + sip'n topper

For someone who enjoys making homemade food  for my little one, this is a perfect addition that makes feeding much easier and convenient.  As my baby is growing older and more independent, this reusable pouch works great for food and snacks on the go.  Especially when I make a yogurt or applepear sauce for him for the day, I pack these then grab and go if we're out for the day.  These pouches are pretty thick and sturdy with a zipper closure seal on the bottom.  It is top rack dishwasher and freezer safe and I really do like the fact that it's BPA, PVC, and phthalate free. These pouches fit 5 ounces of food and should be only filled 2/3 of the way to prevent spillage when closing.  It was easy to fill but I felt the opening was a little narrower than I had liked and needed a little maneuvering to pour in without too much spillage. The pouches come with a clear back window to easily see what was filled inside.  Cleanup was easy by using a bottle sponge and food residue didn't build up inside.  I would recommend using a nipple bottle  brush for the tops if left out a while before cleaning.     

I got the Sip'n soft silicone toppers to go along with these pouches so my babe can sip it a little easier as he's still learning about hand pressure control to prevent spillage and the softness is a plus.  What's even better is that these toppers can be added to most store bought pouches too!  This topper comes with a slit in them similar to a sippy top so when baby bites down on it, it'll open up for easy feeding.  Make sure to press down firmly and turn to tighten to prevent leaking. It should sit flush to the bottom of the valve.

Ezpz Mini Happy Place Mat

This is such a fun and cute placemat that is perfectly portioned for a growing toddler.  Made of silicone, dishwasher and microwave safe, this placemat made mealtime fun with portioned compartments of 2 oz per eye and 4 oz in the smile.  It fits easily into the highchair tray and kept in place well with little hands grabbing for food.  If you have a curious baby like mine, I'd be a little cautious on movement of the placemat as mine was able to lift it up easily.  I like how it comes with a reusable carry bag for portability and it's lightweight too.