Save the itch

Winter makes it so much more unbearable when it comes to dry itchy skin. Add that to a growing body where your skin stretches to accommodate a baby and everything else that stretches along with it. Here are some of my top oils and rubs that help moisturize dry skin. 



Bio-Oil markets itself to contain PurCellin Oil that helps suspends plant extracts and vitamins  to help with scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, aging skin, and dehydrated skin.  I use it for it's moisturizing properties and why not the extra perks of the product too! It definitely gives a more luxurious moisturizing feeling. Nice and rich without the excessive oiliness. Lately, I've been using this after I moisturize with the Neutrogena Body Oil to my baby bump and boobs. As breasts enlarge to get ready for milk production, you can imagine all that dry skin from expanding areola too. This works wonders in preventing further cracked nipples especially pre-baby arrival. I'm not sure if I buy into it preventing stretch marks, as I think you either get it or you don't.  I just like it bc it keeps my expanding belly moist and itch-free! 


Neutrogena Body Oil

I love this using this body all year round especially right after the shower. It leaves a lightweight non-greasy feeling of moisture on your skin. The oil rubs in well and absorbs quickly without leaving any sticky residue on your body or clothing. It gives your skin a soft nice sheen without having that glossy shiny look. I do prefer the unscented fragrance-free one over the regular but the original has a faint fragrance that isn't too bothersome. I tend to find the bigger versions of this (32 oz) and little more affordable too, at Nordstrom Rack especially since I go through this alot. 

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 10.33.01 AM.png


Hydrolatum is my go to for eczema flare ups and excessive dry patches. It's a combination of petrolatum and purified water. It is also hypoallergenic, alcohol free, steroid free, fragrance free, gluten free, and peanut free. This is a super thick oily cream that locks in moisture really well but does leave a greasy sticky feeling especially to your clothes. Be careful if you use it for the bottom of your feet as it can be slippery! I use it once a week all over my body to really lock in the moisture especially during the winter (it def helps prevent the look of alligator 🐊 legs )  and as needed to my excessive dry spots of course. Most pharmacies can special order the product in as they normally don't stock it on the shelves with their regular lotions/creams. This 16 oz jar can run anywhere between $15.99-$18.99 depending on location.  

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 6.20.48 PM.png

Eucerin Intensive Repair

This triple acting formula is supposed to help moisturize, exfoliate, and repair dry thick skin.   It absorbed fast into the skin and provided good hydration. It is thicker compared to regular lotions resembling almost like a zinc oxide consistency but not as thick as an ointment. Even though it provided moisture, I found that this lotion leaves some sort of weird film-like feeling on your skin after about half an hour to an hour. As if your skin felt taught or the best way I can describe it is if you had sautéed spinach and that weird film feeling that it leaves on your teeth. 😬 My skin was smooth to the touch but I just didn't particularly like the tightness it provided on my skin. It may be good as a hand lotion but I wouldn't particularly recommend it for all over body use especially before bedtime. It'll leave you wanting to wash off and lotion with something else.