Finding that balance

I keep telling myself that I need to start working out, eating healthier and just taking a mental break or a day to myself.  I've just been so exhausted that all I do is work, do more work when I'm home, take care of baby, try to clean the house, and try to get in some food and find sleep somewhere in between that routine.  Work has been so insane since flu season has started and I lost a full time tech that I've been staying late every closing shift, barely time to pump or even eat, and just running around getting things done.  By the time I get home, I'm just too exhausted to do anything.  I meal prep, make dinner, and schedule my pumps so I'm still not sleeping through the night still.  I know people post on IG all the time "stop making excuses", find the motivation to exercise etc,.. but in all honesty, I am just so run down that yes, I don't want to do anything else when I get home but decompress. Does that make me lazy? lol. perhaps. Am I making excuses? probably. But how does someone find that balance or "time" to carve out for yourself?  I went out with a good girlfriend for brunch (after weeks of planning) and it felt nice to just be able to relax, drink a bloody mary, and have a nice conversation that didn't consist of baby talk.  Am I selfish for wanting a life still outside of baby and home? It's not like I'm neglecting my family or duties but it is nice to just be able to do something for myself.  What I am having trouble with is still finding that balance between work life and home and being able to focus on myself at the same time.  I put everyone and everything first and someones I just feel run down and pulled in different directions especially at work.  Husband has been supportive and doesn't expect me to "cook or clean" and never has expected me to do anything for that matter.   But I do feel that he has more freedom to do whatever and whenever and I am still conscious on what I drink (or rather don't drink), time out my pumping schedule, and make sure baby is taken care of  before I make plans for myself.  I know that it is my decision to still nurse and pump and I don't blame him one bit but sometimes I just feel that I am carrying more responsibility and it is starting to wear on me just a little. How do other moms carve out time to exercise or fit in personal time into your routine?  Because I can't seem to get the hang of it yet.