It's all about that pump life.

I don't know how many other moms out there struggle with their milk supply but I feel like this has been one of my major struggles since I went back to work. All I have been talking or thinking about is pumping when I'm not nursing.  Even more so now that baby is 7 months, I have to try extra hard to maintain my milk supply. My goal is to last until he turns 1. I used my very last frozen stash a few weeks back and it was such a sad emotional day for me. Like I feel inadequate to be able to feed my son.  I did buy formula to supplement because obviously feeding him is best. I have nothing against using formula or moms that use formula. I just feel fulfilled when I know I can provide enough for my baby and somehow my body had failed me when I can't make enough milk.  What has helped keep my milk consistent is taking the Legendairy Milk Supplements and I invested in a new hospital grade pump.  I ended up going with the Spectra 2 plus and so far I felt like I was able to express an ounce or so more than I would normally with my other pump.  I do like that it is also quieter, has a built in timer, and quite comfortable. What's worst is that work has been super hectic and being short staffed, I find myself missing pump sessions which in turn greatly affects my supply. And because I end up staying an hour late after we close to finish up, I've been rushing to get out of there and totally forgot all my milk at work. I was so sad and frustrated  that I worked so hard only to leave it at work that night, I just felt like breaking down and crying.  I had to mix formula for him for the next day since it was my 12 hour shift so no breastmilk at all for him. Luckily he wasn't that picky and drank the formula.  I just can't keep thinking, why won't my body just cooperate and make enough milk!