Capturing moments in time

What are you doing to capture memories of your little one? 

I loved the idea of the cute newborn photoshoots. If you can afford to do a session (although a little pricey), I would suggest doing it so you can capture your little one before they start changing right before your eyes.  They are so young and vulnerable and so so adorable. We went with a local photographer and she is amazing! She knows how to handle babies well and not force them into poses they don't want to be in and plenty of time for breaks to nurse. Check her out here: Ann Lyle Photography.  Here are only some of the photos from our session.

I thought it'd be a cute idea to do a monthly picture of Liam with a chalkboard display. It was so much easier to buy one pre-designed and all I have to do is fill it in monthly. I got mine from Bed Bath and Beyond but I'm sure you can design and make your own (perhaps I'll post a DIY one in the near future). 

monthly chalkboard.JPG

What new parents are doing now a days is setting up an email for baby and write to him/her and give them the password when they get older. We definitely hopped on that bandwagon. It was actually my husband's idea to go ahead and do it. I think it was so cute of him to do that. It's nice because you can truly write to your little one and hopefully he/she will appreciate you for being honest and open and see through your eyes as they are growing up. 

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