Breastfeeding and the emotional rollercoaster

Having a baby is life changing. It's definitely an adjustment and I tried to learn everything I can about my little one from the nurses and lactation consultants while in the hospital.  I opted to breastfeed over formula because of the benefits and I wanted mommy and baby bonding time. Liam was such a good eater with a good latch so it felt natural to breastfeed the first day. It was bit of a challenge on the second day and I expected as much as my milk wasn't in yet. Emotions overwhelmed me as all I can do was watch my poor bub cry and cry bc he was hungry trying to suckle as no milk was expressed. I fed him formula on Day 2 and supplemented my breastmilk with some formula on Day 3. I won't lie, I definitely cried that day. I knew my milk wasn't going to come in yet until Day 4 but to see him cry and I can't provide for him killed me. Once the milk was in, baby was happy so mommy was happy. But the weirdest thing that did happen to me during my hospital stay was that in the middle of the night, I had the sudden urge to cry. We had sent Liam to the nursery to get some sleep and have him brought in for feedings but all of a sudden I wept like a little baby. My husband thought that maybe it was from the pain I was in but I really don't know why I cried. I sobbed and sobbed and finally stopped. Maybe because I love my little man so much and miss him already even though he's down the hall. Maybe it's because I love my husband so much and has been a such a good supporter doing everything for me while I lay in bed recovering from my c-section. Maybe it's just hormones but either way, be ready for the flow of tears! Whether it's your choice to breastfeed or bottle feed, a fed baby is a happy healthy  baby!