Home Sweet Home

Introducing our precious baby boy Liam Luc! He arrived one week early on January 30, 2017. I guess that's a good thing since he was due on Super Bowl Sunday and wanted to watch the Patriots win with their epic comeback with Daddy!

I started laboring early Sunday morning around 9am and got some pelvic pain and thought it could be contractions. I thought it was strange because I didn't notice loss of mucous plug or bloody show. I then started timing contractions around noontime as I noticed it getting stronger  and by 1pm I thought it'd be best to call the doctors office. 

I went in for them to tell me to walk around for an hour and come back to see if there was any change. At that time, I was 2 cm dilated and 70% effaced. One hour later, I was 3 cm and 80% effaced which showed progress and was admitted.  By midnight, we were ready to push. I originally thought I'd opt to do nitrous oxide but I wanted to be comfortable and be able to rest so I went right to an epidural. It was great until the PCA didn't do a darn thing when it was time to push. The anesthesiologist had to come and give me another IV bolus.  At that point, I felt everything! I was not a happy camper. I had progressed so well on my own with a little help with pitocin early on and pushing the first hour flew by and he was almost crowning. The second hour unfortunately had no progression at all and baby's heart rate started creeping up which caused some concern. At that point we opted to go to suction and if that didn't work on the first try ,we moved to c-section to ensure baby's safety.

Unlike my original birthing plan, I went in for a vaginal delivery and left with a c-section but all that matters is that we had a healthy and thriving baby boy!  The anesthesiologist loaded me up with some more with meds and I just remember feeling nauseous and numb, felt pressure and tugging but mainly nauseous so they gave me Zofran to help with that. Next thing I know,  I looked over at my husband who started tearing up and made me cry and I heard a little aaah aaah and baby Liam was born! He scored really well on the Apgar scale and Daddy went to go see him as they were putting me back together. Daddy brought Liam over to say Hi and this overwhelming feeling of love and joy encompassed me and it brings me back to tears just thinking about it.  As they were wheeling me out to recovery, the doctor asked if I wanted to hold him. I was so afraid bc I couldn't feel my arms at that point so I said no lol but she bundled him in the nook of my arm with pillows around so he wouldn't fall out. He is just so perfect.