Merry Christmas!


I love this time of year, not because of the presents and the copious amounts of eating and shopping during the holiday season but because it means spending time with family and friends and enjoying your loved one's company. This is our very first Christmas in our new house and I loved decorating especially setting up the tree. I had to get a real tree too since it's not really Christmas unless you can smell it in the air!  We decided to take this time to also make a semi-announcement of Bae's name. We decided to find a cute mini baby stocking with his initial on it and was able to find matching sets at Kohl's.  I wanted to decorate earlier but with unpacking and getting the house ready, we were 2 weeks away from Christmas. I guess the good thing was that everything was on sale when we finally got around to buying decorations! I found great deals at AC Moore (anywhere from 50-60% off) and was able to make my own wreath and topper for super cheap. Let's just say there was lots of glitter everywhere! We wanted to get the perfect picture of our stockings and tree and thought putting on the fireplace for the first time would make it that more romantic and set the mood. It'd be nice if my husband opened the vent haha. We realized this after the house started to fill with smoke and soot surrounded the fireplace. Whoops! haha rookie mistake but we figured it out and all was good! We were able to take the perfect shot... minus almost burning our house down Jk Jk! I know this was a late post but I hope everyone had a Merry and Happy Healthy Christmas! Can you guess what Bae's name is going to be? What are some of your favorite Baby Boy L names?