Keep Calm and Labor On

Live Life Until All You Can Do Is Labor. That was one of my favorite quotes from the child education classes I took at Newton-Wellesley Hospital. I was on the fence on paying for the class and whether or not it was worth it.  Will I remember everything when time comes or will preggo brain and pain take over?  It was over the course of 2 days and I guess I found it somewhat informative and learned some new things I never thought of.  Our instructor Shari is a doula and she reminded me of an earthy crunchy hippie but she was so fun and kept us interested in the class! I'd def recommend taking her class if you want more preparation and to put your mind at ease.

I always thought that when your water breaks, you rushed to the hospital. It happens in all the movies right?! lol Apparently that isn't always the case and sometimes contractions start well before your water breaks. I just hope I can remember to time my contractions enough so that I don't rush to the hospital and have them send me home because I'm not in "active" labor or not dilated enough. Thus the saying, 'Live life until all you can do is labor'. Spend as much time resting at home before heading to the hospital. 4-1-1 is what we learned = contractions 4 minutes apart, for about an hour, and lasting about 1 minute. I think I'll do 5-1-1 to give me some time for travel and not deliver in the car.  

Labor and more so the delivery scares me. Who wouldn't be?!  I'm all for the drugs! Well the legal ones of course lol load me up on that nitrous oxide and epidural during labor and pain meds and stool softeners for the aftermath! I would not consider going all natural for a second. AHHH Scary! I knew I was definitely going to opt for an epidural but I didn't really know about other options such as nitrous oxide until I took the class. My thoughts now are that I will try to survive as long as I can on nitrous oxide then transition over to an epidural for rest and  to help with pain that comes with delivery. I guess how that plan goes we shall see. Maybe I won't have as a high pain tolerance as I thought and have the epidural as soon as I can even though there may be a chance that it will delay labor & delivery. 

Other things they went over was baby positions, how to time contractions, positions for birth and labor, medication options, vaginal vs cesarian birth, and what to expect pre and post delivery. Some take-aways. Have a TACO and use your BRAIN. lol. 
Too bad having a TACO isn't eating real tacos (pregnancy cravings) but more on how to recognize amniotic fluid and bloody show.

T - texture
A - amount
C - color
0 - odor

Share decision making with you provider by using your... 
B - benefits
R - risks
A - alternatives
I - intuition, ' I feel..."
N - not now, could we wait? 

I think the class definitely helped my husband understand the entire birthing process and what to expect before, during, and after birth. It made him less nervous knowing how he can support me throughout this process. They said the support person should say words of encouragement and stay positive. I just remember telling him.. . don't tell me I'm beautiful when I'm in pain and grimacing an ugly face and sweating haha. I think I'd want to punch him if he said that to me (jkjk) but I'd rather hear 'You're strong, You can do this!" If you want to be more informed, the class may be beneficial even to reinforce what you may already know and some info to get you thinking. I don't necessarily think the class is a must do. I'm sure when time comes, my body will naturally know what to do to delivery my baby. I can't wait! More like I can't wait to meet my little man more than the delivery part. ๐Ÿคฃ