Hip Hop Hooray! A Baby Boy is on his way!

This past weekend my mom and sisters threw me a very special baby shower. If anyone knows me, they know that I love event planning especially decorating and baking. It was hard to take a step back and let my sisters take charge. They did an awesome job putting everything together from the little details to cute games and yummy dessert and food! I am so grateful and thankful for all the love Baby Luc has received by so many family and friends already! We can't wait for his arrival into this big bright world.  

My sisters and most of my cousins and friends are moms already and I can't thank them enough for words of advice and encouragement to help me become the best mommy I can be.  That's all I really hope for is that I will be a good mom to my little one.  I've been lucky so far that I've had a fairly easy pregnancy. Besides minor leg cramps (that I've been binging on coconut water and bananas to help) and becoming an insomnia (mainly due to itchy dry skin lol), I enjoy being pregnant.  I'm getting rounder by the day and have about another 8 weeks left. He's due to arrive on Super Bowl Sunday! The adorable diaper cake made by my close friend was absolutely fitting!  Lets hope the Patriots make it 🏈!  It's kind of insane to think I'm so close to seeing Bae in 2 short months. I guess I'm ready as I ever will be! If not, I'll just wing it and figure it out as I go! 


Dark Chocolate Cappuccino Torte Cake by Dessert Works 
Julia Dress from LuLaRoe Patti & Tess

P.S. to get some ideas for the baby shower, stop by my crafty corner