Bump Magnet

I'm usually not the type to like attention but when my bump started to show, all eyes zoomed in. It's amazing how your body changes to accommodate a growing baby. It feels so foreign yet so intimate and personal.  My husband would joke, it's an alien in there! I've only started to feel him kick here and there at about 20 weeks or so. It's always a pleasant surprise when he kicks because it reminds me that I am carrying this life inside of me and in there somewhere we both had created him.

We went to two different weddings this late summer which was both my cousin and my husband's cousin. Everyone started to congratulate me and hug/rub my belly as they haven't seen us in a while. I appreciate all the love but I felt a little awkward that 'why are people congratulating me?' when we all were congratulating the bride & groom and their families too. I guess that's what happens when you go to a family wedding. It's one big reunion and celebration of love and happiness for each other all around. â¤ï¸   A part of me felt protective of my growing belly with Bae inside when all I saw were hands and fingers approaching for the first time. I think I just didn't know how to react to all this attention but it was my aunts and cousins so I didn't mind all that much. The cutest thing now though is when I see one of my nieces, she says Hi to me then Hi to baby and gives my belly a kiss. Baby's really do get all the attention. ðŸ˜