We're Expecting!

I've had baby fever for a while now and even though I feel like I'm more than ready, it makes me nervous all at the same time. When we started thinking of starting our family, I started to make some lifestyle changes including eating healthier and started taking prenatal vitamins with folic acid and DHA.  With the recommendation from friends, I started using the Ovia Fertility and Clue app.  I figured, I can track my fertile time and peak window of ovulation for maximum conception. My husband found it weird to 'schedule time or plan' to try but I know people who have tried from months to years and have struggled conceiving. I know for me personally, I figured it'd happen when my body is ready and if it took us longer than expected, I knew I'll be okay with it, perhaps disappointed but we still have time. Actively trying had made me more aware and sensitive to others and that I should stop asking "When are you having a baby? or Are you pregnant yet?" I know I've been asked that question million of times by my parents and friends and I've always said, "we'll see how it goes." Friends may not always want to disclose how they've struggled to have a baby and I don't want to be that person who is constantly reminding them. I know we're just all really excited for each other and I just want to be as supportive as I can.  With some of my friends already pregnant, (I think I had like 3-4 friends at the same time) I was hoping it was contagious so I can be preggers too. haha. Time had finally come and I'm the anxious type to want to know now! So despite reading everything advising not to test too early (due to risk of chemical miscarriage and disappointment), I tested 4-5 days early anyway. I bought a generic early test dipstick that looked like a matchstick from Amazon and I couldn't fully determine if there was one or two lines. It was cheap for a good amount of sticks and I figured that if it takes us a while, I won't be wasting money on expensive tests every month. lol So I reserved my electronic Yes or No test for this reason... it takes out all the guessing. I couldn't believe what I saw. I was shocked that it happened relatively fast since I was expecting it to be a few months or so I thought? I feel absolutely blessed, thankful, and overjoyed to be able to say YES, I'm pregnant! and this is how my journey began.